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get a toll free phone number Zack Alper is a stickler for the best deal. After searching and re-searching companies offering toll free numbers, Zack Alper chose His search was very thorough. He searched big companies like AT&T. He searched cable companies. He searched independents. In his words, “Nobody else could come close to the rates was offering.”

Alper is the president of L’Ocean Candles (, and creator of the company’s unique product, lotion candles. Originally Alper sold a variety of products, but after he found that his lotion candles were so well received, he dropped everything else. When lit, the all-natural candles produce a soft light, soothing fragrance, and a warm pool of lotion for the body. L’Ocean Candles’ largest market lies in salons, spas, and other commercial businesses in the beauty industry.

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A small company with just a few employees, Alper needed to have a contact number that could follow him whether he was at a trade show, making new contacts in the field, or sitting in a hotel room. provided the answer he needed. His new toll free number, 1-800-964-9504, could reach him via his cell phone or his office phone, or it could be handed off to another employee to answer when needed.

Alper says that having the 800 number “lends a lot of credibility to my business and it really makes it easier for my customers.” He also appreciates the way his toll free number provider operates. He is very satisfied with the simple and straightforward manner of operation of the number.

Jeremy Schutt, sales manager for Century 21 Metro Alliance in Arizona, also did extensive research before settling on a toll free number for his company. “ had the best product at the most reasonable price. I got exactly what I wanted.”

toll free
Although he has had the number for less than a year, Alper recommends to anyone. “Every business, or anyone who needs a toll free number for any reason” should use them. Even his father, he explains, who calls home every hour to check his voicemail, found it was cheaper to use a toll free number from

Alper is right. For any person needing a toll free number, is the place to look. For the best deal, excellent service, and ease of operation, no one else comes close.

Toll Free Numbers can be obtained from: Tollfreenumber.ORG

or for 800 area codes:

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